Saturday, November 14, 2009

Continuing saga...

I bet you thought I was gonna miss a day, didn't you? :)

(Truth be told, I almost did. I literally forgot to post today and about an hour ago I had pretty much decided that oh well, so I "failed" at NaBloPoMo. I posted twice in one day this week so that counts. (Haha.) But then I washed my face and brushed my teeth and talked to my boyfriend on his drive home and it sort of woke me up so here I am!)

So this work thing...

I went over to HR yesterday and basically asked the guy over there what steps I need to take because there is NO WAY I can work 8 more hours in a week. For three weeks. No way at all.

Mr. HR Guy told me that my boss had given him a heads up that I might be coming to him (which was actually a good thing because it meant that he had some answers prepared for me).

What it comes down to is this: The overtime orders are coming from the vice president of our department. She oversees 5 hospitals. She's a bigwig.

I now need to write a letter explaining my need to be exempt from this overtime. HR Guy said that I should lay out my reasons but not go into TOO much detail. He said that I should also include what I told him about wanting vs. being able to work the OT. I am totally a team player and I totally want to be part of the solution (heck, I went into work today, on a SATURDAY, for two hours). But as you all know, wanting to help doesn't mean that I'm physically able.

I'm hoping to talk to my mom tomorrow about helping me with the letter. She used to work for the school district and wrote all SORTS of letters to bigwigs. I've never written one in my life. (Well, except for the time I wrote that very opinionated letter to Planned Parenthood when I was about 14 but that's a whole different post.)

And on a very happy note (Grandma B. this is for you)...

WE SLEPT FOR NINE WHOLE HOURS LAST NIGHT! And guess what?? 7 1/2 of those hours were UNINTERRUPTED!

Simply put, it was FANTASTIC. :)

And now, for some more of that good sleep.

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Diaria said...

I still think you're going to miss a day. Just apparently not this day :-D