Sunday, November 15, 2009

This and that

Oh, I see how it is. Diana (my one and only commenter) has NO faith in me (see her comment on my previous post) and is confident that I will fail at NaBloPoMo.

It's on.

(And Diana, I guess you're responsible for coming up with as many questions as you can for Ask Mikaila Anything because apparently you and my grandma are the only people who read this blog and she's my grandma so she knows everything. Grandmas always know everything.)


Today I am pretty sure that having children will be easier than this caregiving job. Dorothy has had a fairly rotten weekend (at least, a fairly rotten Sunday) which makes for more work and more hands-on care and more exhaustion.

Although we did sleep 9 hours again last night, 7 of them uninterrupted! I feel pretty amazing sleep-wise after getting two of those nights in a row.


This week I will simply be focusing on getting through the week. If I can do that, I have quite a bit of "down time" coming up. I'm hoping the week won't be too rough at work (you know, with this whole OT drama) and that everything will play out smoothly. I'm also praying that the vice president will have mercy on my situation and be cool about the whole thing.

Next weekend Heather will be down for the whole weekend which means TWO days of sleeping in and maybe even an evening out (I feel like such a grownup when I get to have those). I can spend the whole day Saturday with my boys and not worry about what time I come home from church. I'm hoping to take that belaying class at OSU's indoor climbing center so that Jordan can go climb his little heart out on one of those days.

The following week we have an OHSU appointment and those days are generally fairly draining for both Dorothy and I. Her doctor up there is the Lou Gehrig's guru and doesn't skirt around tough subjects (because they have to be covered). So aside from a two-hour drive each way, there's usually quite a bit of crying (which makes for more snot/spit/etc. and more suctioning) and Dorothy is completely wiped when we get home, as am I. Luckily those appointments are always on Tuesdays so when we get home I get to let another caregiver take over (one who has more energy remaining) and I get to ditch out for a few hours.

And later that week is Thanksgiving! My favorite day of the entire year! We are expecting an extra big crowd this year (with 45 being our average most years) at somewhere around 60. There won't be too many people missing this year... And I'm stoked. Cousins I haven't seen in years and years! Babies I've never met! No curfew! :)


And now, my two faithful readers, I'm off to finalize The Letter so I can take it to work tomorrow...


Diaria said...

"Diana has NO faith in me"....I'll have you know, I have plenty of faith in you. It just so happens that the faith is on the side that you are going to miss a day. Come on, with your life? I'm surprised you manage to post at all!!!!

I really wish I could give you a hand down there, but living so far away, it just isn't feasible.

I hope you have a good Thanksgiving celebration, I know that the next month you are going to busy to the extreme with family stuff, so maybe that will give you a break from caregiving!!!! Ha!

Diaria said...

Ok, so how many days have you missed now?

Diaria said...

Lets see, questions for ask Mikaila anything....

When are you guys ever going to get ENGAGED!!!!!!

How the bloody hell did you manage to get your car paid off so quickly!!!!

How far have you gotten on your counted cross stitch projects?

When are you going to come up here and visit me?

When shall I go down there and visit you?

um....ok, I will add more later, cuz I am going to pick your brain!!!!