Monday, November 2, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

This is the first "Not Me" Monday in quite awhile! Click here to find out what this meme is all about!

Feeling guilty for eating 15 Oreos in one sitting? Hoping nobody saw you having a heated conversation with yourself in the car? Embarrassed for the sake of the UPS guy when you answered the door in your pajamas and no bra? Well, don't be! Here are a few things that I did NOT do this week:

For one thing, I did NOT tell Jordan that if he couldn't carry his own Trick or Treat bag, he could be done Trick or Treating. I would NEVER threaten to end an evening of fun over who was going to carry a bag. And OF COURSE the bag was heavy! I would never refuse to believe that my child couldn't carry a bag containing 10 pieces of candy. Not me!

I also did NOT buy a light bulb to replace the blinker in my car and then forget (AGAIN) to actually replace it! I am totally NOT the kind of person who would drive around town with a barely-working blinker that blinks triple-time. No way. Not me!

And finally, there is NO chance that on Halloween night I ate a piece of CHOCOLATE before bed! I would never risk an allergic reaction, nor would I hope and pray that I would sleep through the major headache that was sure to ensue. That would NOT have been me. Nope!

What about you? What have you NOT done this week? Post about it on your blog and add your link here with MckLinky!

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