Thursday, November 26, 2009



This is my favorite holiday of the whole year. November always seems to take forever, just waiting for Thanksgiving day to arrive. :)

This year we are expecting 63 people! When my generation was young we would all gather at my parents' house. Now that we're all grown and some of US are having kids, we no longer fit. Last year we rented a sorority (they kick all the girls out for the weekend and it stands empty) and that was wonderful. This year we are doing it again.

Only two of my mom's cousins and their families will be absent this year which means almost the entire family is together. I am SO looking forward to today. (And as soon as my hair dries I'm out the door to head over there!)

We have a very traditional Thanksgiving spread - 2 turkeys, 2 hams (ok, most people only have 1), stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, rolls, pies, etc. We also have a family tradition that most people have never heard of... CHEESE BEANS! Half of the family hates them - the other half won't even come if we don't have them. I am one of the latter.

I have been thinking of all the things I am thankful for... The list is so long but here are a few that are right up at the top:

I am thankful for my God.
I am thankful for my amazing boyfriend.
I am thankful for my wonderful son.
I am thankful for my incredible family.
I am thankful for Dorothy.
I am thankful for my big, stinky, snuggly dog.
I am thankful for hot showers, a warm bed, and a stocked fridge.
I am thankful for my job and my health insurance.
I am thankful for my health.
I am thankful for my car, my phone and my laptop.
I am thankful for sunny days and rainy days.
I am thankful for my sense of smell.
I am thankful for laughter.
I am thankful for you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Tessa said...

I did!!!
And I'm going to want a blog about your experience :) with pictures!