Friday, January 1, 2010

Formal Bowling 2009/10

Once again, we brought in the new year at the bowling alley! I believe this was our 4th annual Formal Bowling event and we had a great turnout again this year! It's always interesting to see who shows up besides our core group of about a dozen people. Such good, clean fun!

I decided to try something a little different with my hair this year! The running joke of the night was that I looked like I was from the 30's. My sister gifted me with a hand knit black shawl for Christmas. I didn't get a photo with it on but it really made the outfit! If someone had to remind me that it was my turn to bowl they would say, "Well, they weren't very punctual in the 30's!"

This year Blu (Doozie's son - Doozie being Heather's roommate) joined us for the night. He pulls off that stud look quite well, I must say!

Jordan had the whole James Bond look down! I forgot to look for a pair of dark sunglasses for him. :)

He loved the look for the night and was just soaking up everybody's comments about how handsome and cute he looked! He told me over and over how he's looking forward to wearing a tux when Steve and I get married. :) I must say, the bowtie is a good look for him.

My sweetie and I!

If we had an award for "most original outfit" Cary would win every year, hands down. And he would win proudly.

Kendra seems to be the one who always steals elements of other people's outfits. Here she is sporting Cary's tie and Caleb's jacket!

Alaina came along for the fun but spent her evening going through scholarship applications. I'm pretty sure the look on her face accurately portrays her feelings on the subject at this point.

Various people stayed for various lengths of time this year so instead of taking a group photo we took one of the guys (there are 4 missing who came later [and they were the best dressed of the group]) and one of the girls.

It was TOTALLY unplanned that all of the girls wore black dresses!

And once again, I rang in my new year with a kiss from the most wonderful person in my life.

This morning I slept in quite late (the house was unusually quiet for as many people as there are here!) and so far I pretty much haven't gotten out of bed! It's 1pm and Blu and Jeff (Heather's boyfriend) are cooking "breakfast" which smells amazing! Butternut squash hashbrowns and omelets! Really, what could be better?

Tonight Steve and I have plans to celebrate the first day of the year with a date!

Wishng you and yours a very healthy, happy new year! Here's to 2010! :)

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