Thursday, January 28, 2010

The jumble in my head

There is so much floating around in my head right now. Rather than explain it all (i.e. bore you all with it) I'll just give you a quick rundown.

*I stayed home from work today. I've been feeling weird all week - headaches, dizziness and not much appetite, which is very unusual for me because I eat like a horse. I've been sleeping all morning.

*The painting and remodeling at the house is coming along. I have one room all painted except the molding. I wish I could get over there more often but that just means I have to really bust my butt on the weekends. The guys have ripped out half the bathroom and I think they started putting it back together today. :) It's going to look great.

*I have always loved my car insurance but next week I'll be switching. They frustrated me to the point of anger this week so I'll go with someone more flexible and personal.

*Budgets are hard. They're hard to make and hard to stick to.

*If you're the praying type you can pray for my stress level. I feel like I'm hanging in Limbo, not knowing when one job will end but knowing it will be soon. Not knowing when I'll be moving but knowing I have a lot to accomplish before then. Not having the time to accomplish any of it. Not getting enough sleep.

I'm off to eat some eggs and maybe have some chicken broth. Gotta kick this crud.

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