Saturday, April 17, 2010

In this neck of the woods

I hate using the title “updates” because it’s so incredibly boring, but that’s basically what this is. It’s basically all I post anymore and I hate that. I want to have an interactive blog with a community and discussions and posts that make you think and posts that make you laugh… I want to get back into the memes that I participate in (see my right sidebar) and post photos of our day to day life. But it seems that right now I only post here once every two or three weeks and at those points I feel like everyone is probably wondering if anything is new (it usually isn’t) and that I should make some recording of how life is going for me because three or four years from now I may not accurately remember this particular boulevard in my journey of life. I may not recall the difference between the days when I walked along roadsides dotted with empty, brown trees, stripped of their leaves and the days when I walked along many, many beautiful, flowering cherry trees, just waiting to burst with fruit. (Speaking of cherry trees, ours is flowering and I did not think I would get a second go at that tree but I am stoked for the end of June.)

This past week has been made up of days where I’ve walked along roadsides with several budding trees every block, reminding me that spring is here and although spring brings its fair share of rainy days, it also brings the promise of summer. Every couple of blocks there is a dead, cracking tree but the most annoying part of this section of boulevard are the darn flies! They buzz around my head, simply going about their lives, but they are REALLY annoying. Some days they bother me more than others. Some days I swat them away and keep walking. Other days I chase after them, cursing at them, determined to smash them.

Some days my steps are light and other days I feel like I have boulders in my shoes, just weighing me down. These are also the days when I am most likely not able to tell the difference between the raindrops and tears, both falling on my cheeks. But there are new mercies every morning! And often morning will break and I will find a friend or Steve or my sister or my mom walking beside me, holding me up. On these days I will drink down my favorite banana smoothie and turn my iPod to my favorite playlist and laugh along with those walking beside me.

These are the days I feel like I can go on. Today will be one of these days.

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