Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new normal

Life is weird!

I'm not used to this.

Every day now I come home and the house is so quiet and empty. A couple of times I have caught myself starting to call for the dog but he's not there. That part is strange. And I've been having a really hard time falling asleep at night because it's so quiet.

And then last night there was a helicopter circling and circling, apparently looking for someone. Un-nerving!

But overall things are good. Just different. And that's ok.

This week I'm CRAZY busy, running around with appointments (counseling and dermatology) and in all my spare time I'm working on painting. I'll get the painting finished next week (4 rooms left and a friend is helping with the trim and doors), then my sister and I will clean the crap out of that place and a few days before I move in I'm having the carpets cleaned.

It'll be like a new place!

I can't wait to be living among my own furniture and things again. :)

And the kitties! Oh, I'm so excited for the kitties.

1 comment:

Diaria said...


Awesome to hear about the house and all that, good to know you will have it done soon.

Weird about it being quiet though, that would be unnerving.

Anyways, good luck with everything!!!