Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stream of consciousness

I'm always super stressed out the week before a move. This week is no different! It's just the tasks that are different.

Buy curtain rods and mount them to the walls
Hang all the curtains/shower curtains/closet curtains in the house
Mow the lawn
Have the carpets cleaned
Replace a section of floor
Install washer and dryer

Being a "homeowner" is weird!

The painting is DONE! And I hereby swear that I am never painting that house again, nor will I ever endeavor to paint and entire home by myself again. It looks amazing. But I officially hate painting. :)

Except watercolor painting. I got out Dorothy's watercolors over Memorial Day weekend and painted myself a masterpiece. I can't wait to show you. It's going to hang in my new kitchen.

The construction is done too. The guys weren't able to replace one little area of floor by the back door (and I think they kind of forgot about it because the fridge was sitting on it for 4 months - but I kind of forgot about it too) so that's being done tomorrow. The carpets were cleaned yesterday and today. The house is clean because my sister and I busted our butts on Sunday and I cleaned for five hours.

I'm broke.

I'm ready for my cats! I went to Petco yesterday and got everything I will need for them.

Nobody picked Jordan up at school yesterday. I got a phone call from his school about 35 minutes after school let out saying, "We've been trying to call everyone and we can't get throught to anyone. Nobody picked Jordan up today." I dropped everything and booked it to Albany (a 20 minute drive) to get the poor guy. We had a mommy-son date while we waited for Daddy to get off work. He was asking about our cats, whether they are boys or girls and when he found out they are one of each he was asking what we would do if the girl had kittens. I explained that she wouldn't because the boy cat is fixed. He wanted to know more about that so we had a little sex ed in McDonald's.

I've barely packed. I filled Dorothy's van (partly with things like space heaters and Jordan's bookshelf and this and that) but I have a long way to go. Tonight I'm gonna bust my butt packing because I want to make a big dent in it. I didn't actually realize how many books I have...

My internet gets hooked up at the house on Monday so I will go a very short time (like, one day) without internet. And once I'm settled I'm looking forward to blogging more.

I can't wait for Jordan's summer camp to start because I get to pick him up every day and spend the afternoon with him. I'm very excited about that. He's at an age where conversation is so fun and he is so curious and funny.

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Diaria said...

Moving sucks, trust me, I know. And every time I move, I seem to double my crap!!!!

Only ever painted a house once. When I painted with you. I understand, and I didn't even go through nearly as much as you did. I'd rather be the official taper-offer (I invented a new word!!!)

Kitties!!!!! Btw, you may want to get the girl neutered. Even if she is an inside cat, sometimes cats get out when they aren't supposed to. Not that you have money for it or anything, but just something to consider.

Bet I have more books than you. And the nearby library is having a huge booksale two weekends from now. This is not a good thing. But oh so good....

Poor Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about had a heart attack hearing that he never got picked up!!!!! And I'm not even involved!!!!!! I would have driven down from all the way up here to pick him up!!!!

By the way, I have a cat condo I might be willing to be talked out of, if you are interested. Got a GIANT cat tree for free (someone just dumped it next to the dumpster around Christmas), so the shorter one never gets used anymore.

Anyways, have a good ... day? evening? hmmmm, have a good whatever it is by the time you get this message. There, got all my bases covered.