Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ever tried to write a blog post when your significant other is BEYOND tired and his tiredness is making him incredibly loopy and INCREDIBLY annoying? And because of it your son is laughing hysterically at all the stupid things his dad is doing? And you have cats trying to win Olympic medals in the speed category for Hallway Running?

Welcome to my life. :)

We have done so much in the last couple of weeks!

We spend an afternoon floating on a river with my mom:

I took a 4 day camping trip with one of my coworkers and had a perfectly fun and relaxing time:

(her boyfriend, Scott)

Steve and Jordan came for one fabulous afternoon on the beach. It was gorgeous!

Jordan and I enjoyed the hot air balloons at a local annual festival. Neither of us had ever seen a hot air balloon "in action" before so it was extremely fascinating and cool for us (even if it meant leaving the house before 6:30am on a Saturday).

We even got to go to Night Glow and see them lit up! So pretty...

Jordan finished up summer camp for the year... He told me he will really miss his counselors. They were wonderful! (L-R: Oppie, Dandylion, Goose and Number 5)

And most recently, we took family photos down by the river:

I'm not quite ready for summer to be over but when I woke up to rain yesterday morning I realized I'm also ready for fall. We are gearing up for Jordan's third grade open house this week and his first day of school next week. This will be the first time I've ever DONE a first day of school, so we'll see how I do.

Steve had told Jordan he could grow his hair out for the whole summer and last night he FINALLY took him to get it cut.

I love it!

And finally, hop on over to my friend Carrie's book blog and check out all the amazing giveaways she's hosting this week! It's all in honor of her newly announced pregnancy and I'm so excited for her and her family!

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