Friday, August 13, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

Jordan is camping with his grandparents this weekend and I miss him. I miss coming home at the end of the day and playing games with him and making him dinner and laughing at the things he says and listening to him tell me about his day. I miss walking down the hall to the family room to see him passed out on the couch because summer camp is just EXHAUSTING. He asked me last week, "Mommy, can I PLEASE go back next year??" He is having a ton of fun there.

I realized in looking back at my recent posts (which there are not many of) that I haven't posted many pictures of my animals! And speaking of animals... one of my frogs got flushed this week. The cat knocked their bowl off the counter a couple of weeks ago and I'm wondering if he got injured or something. Anyhow, out of Larry (a snail), Daryl and Daryl, just the other brother Daryl is left. (By the way, Shade looks like a total freak in this first picture.)

Tegan is getting bigger and looking less kitten-ish but she's still super tiny, which I like. I guess her mom is a little tiny thing too so maybe she will stay small! I gave both cats flea baths this week and survived... I was surprised at how well they did. Which is good, because the fleas are BAD this year and they may have to have another bath in a week or two.

I have been stuffing myself silly on fruit this year. Blueberries and nectarines mostly, though also a ton of cantaloupe and grapes. I can't get enough. Oh, and egg sandwiches, my other new love.

Jordan and I have been talking a lot lately about names for his future brothers and sisters and it's so entertaining to hear his ideas. Although he has had a few good ones, too!

Today it's 97 degrees. It's almost 6pm so I'm hoping it cools down from here and doesn't get any hotter tonight. There is a heat watch in effect until Monday at 9pm so this weekend is gonna be a scorcher. On top of today's heat there is a hot, muggy wind. Ick. Ice cream tonight for sure.

The last River Rhythms was last night. Joe Diffie was playing and put on a GREAT show. I didn't realize going in quite how famous he was but it turns out that I know most of his songs and not the name behind them. I am a bit of a cowgirl at heart and had a fantastic time. Had the weather not been so hot I would have worn my hat and boots!

The next big thing coming up on my calendar is a camping trip with a friend/coworker next weekend. We're going to the coast and will be at a place that is RIGHT on the beach so I'm super excited. I'm taking along books and magazines that have been piling up and I plan to lay on the beach and read the day away. And when I get back it will be time for Steve and I to start planning our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY trip. (I can't believe it.)

Blogging is hard for me lately. Life is SO good and I am spending all my spare time just soaking it up. Two nights ago we went to Steve's brother's to celebrate his engagement with the family and had a great time sitting outside with a fire crackling, just laughing and joking. His fiance is a lot like me and the whole night was just FUN. (And somewhat hilarious how SHE told the proposal story a little different than HE did.)

My siblings and their SO's have been in Idaho all week and I miss those guys! I'm hoping to make it to Saturday Coffee with friends tomorrow and then might hit up the Farmers Market before the day gets too hot. It will be a challenge to stay cool this weekend... Perhaps a trip to a river is in order.

People ask my mom, "How are you?" and she tells them, "I'm just livin' the dream!" And for her it's true.

It's become true for me, too. This is the life I want and the life I craved while I was otherwise committed at Dorothy's. My boys beside me, my cats meowing, dirty dishes and laundry and little faces... Sure, it would be great to not struggle financially. But the important things? I have them. And I'm not taking them for granted.

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