Sunday, August 1, 2010

Simply Summer

We are absolutely sucking the life out of summer around here. We are LOVING IT. Our weekends are full, our evenings are packed, our cheeks are sun-kissed, our bodies are not getting enough sleep, our cars are dirty and our laundry is never ending. Pure fun.

One of mine and Jordan's new favorite activities is River Rhythms here in town. Free concerts once a week at a riverfront park! Last week my coworker and I packed a picnic and off we went. The band that night was a Neil Diamond cover band and the music mixed with the atmosphere of the crowd (plus the great friends!) made for a really awesome night.

The other big thing we did recently (you know, besides going flying and having a birthday and all the OTHER big things we've done!) was the Willamette Celebration. There was a crowd of 13,000, how could that NOT be fun?? Our little group turned into a bigger group of great friends and family and we played and sang and danced along to big-name Christian bands until it was way past our bedtimes.

(It was purely coincidental that I wore the same outfit to both events! Haha.)

And we're not done. August holds even more awesome, fun things for us! In 2009 I didn't get much of a summer. 2010 is SO making up for it. We are not letting this one pass us by! =)

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