Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Proposal

This is my 499th post... And let me just say that it would have been super cool if it was my 500th, but I have to tell this story!

The Proposal

As some of you know, Steve and I met about 5 1/2 years ago. He is a city transit bus driver and he drove me to work every day for almost a year. :)

As a little side story, I remember the first time he talked to me and I remember thinking, "WHY is this bus driver talking to me?? Bus drivers don't just strike up random conversations with random passengers..." I found out later that he had noticed me (and the cross necklace I was wearing) the very first time I got on his bus and he had said a prayer and asked God to bring me into his life.

After riding his bus for several months, my work schedule changed and I no longer took his route every day. When I told him this, he took a used bus ticket out of his pocket, scribbled something on it and told me, "Here. In case you get bored." As I walked away, I looked at the ticket and saw that he had written his phone number.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve, 2010...

We have been together for more than 5 years and we've done things a little backwards, in that I've started some of the wedding planning already and we have a date set. Because of all that, I knew a proposal was coming and I even had a hunch that it might happen the night that it did.

But he still managed to make it a surprise!

Jordan and I were spending Christmas Eve at my parents' house while Steve had to work until the evening. We had all finished dinner and my mom had read Jordan a Christmas book and we were all sitting in the living room together, basically waiting for Steve to get off work. My phone beeped and I had a text from Steve, telling me to come out to his bus in two minutes.

I was a little confused because his route doesn't go down my parents street, but I put my shoes on and headed out to the front porch. As I was waiting, I looked over and saw my whole family sitting on the couch, watching out the window.

Steve drove around the corner and there just happened to be about 4 car lengths worth of parking on the street (this never happens on my parents' street) so he pulled over and I ran across the street to his bus. As I stepped on he told me, "Go to the back for a second."

I walked to the back of the bus and when I turned around to see why I was back there, he was right behind me and got down on one knee. That's when it hit me for sure, "He's going to propose!"

He said that he figured since we met on the bus, he thought it would be neat to bring it full circle. He said some other sweet things to me and then asked me to be his wife!

And of course I said yes!

My mom told me later that after he slipped the ring on my finger, Jordan was sitting on the couch saying, "They're kissing... Ok, MORE hugging and kissing!" He is very excited, too. :)

When I went back in the house, my sister jumped up and exclaimed, "MY SISTER IS ENGAGED!!!!" My dad told me later that evening, "Cheer up, would ya?" ;)

We have been on cloud 9 ever since and are having a wonderful time telling people our good news! Thank you all for your love and good wishes! :)

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So nice to read the whole story in detail! Yahoo! and Congrats!!