Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two months

Dear Peyton,

Your personality is really starting to blossom! It's so fun getting to know you and your likes and dislikes.

You love your family. You give out the biggest smiles to Mama and Daddy and sometimes to your brother, too. He thinks you are the best thing in the world. When you cry, he picks you up and holds you and when you're sad he says "Oh no, not the pouty face!"

You love bath time! You really like to lay on the bathroom floor in a diaper and kick and wiggle and "talk" before your bath. You splash in the water by kicking your feet and waving your arms and you really like the warm water. You do not enjoy getting out and getting dressed! The cats think its pretty fun to watch you take a bath.

You don't particularly like bottles. You refused one from Daddy this month and went 6 hours without eating because of it. Nursing is your FAVORITE thing and when we sit down in our chair to nurse you start getting excited and fuss with impatience. You've started being silly when you're done eating and will pull away and give Mama the biiiiiggest smiles. It makes me laugh and you will "flirt" for several minutes.

You hate to be buckled in your carseat but once we start driving you usually fall asleep. Now that it's not so bright outside we sometimes flip your carseat cover up so you can see out and you like to watch things. Especially your brother.

You love to "talk" to the owls on your bedroom wall and your crib mobile. You are starting to really like talking to people too and after diaper changes you will lay on the table for several minutes, kicking and talking. You really love music and morning playtime, where you lie on a blanket and squirm and kick and squeak. Mornings are your favorite and whoever gets you out of your crib gets great big smiles! You wear yourself out with all your wiggling and sometimes you fall asleep on your blanket on the floor.

Daddy has been back at work for a couple of weeks now and we are finding a routine. So far Mama has been able to take a shower every day. ;)

You wear cloth diapers to help Mama and Daddy save money and you seem to like them just fine, even though they make your bum kind of puffy. You demand to be changed right away because you HATE to be wet or dirty, but you do that in disposables too. You wear mittens on your hands a lot because your fingers are always cold.

Every day you spend time on the floor, a little time on your tummy, time in your vibrating chair, time in your swing and time in people's laps. You are practicing sitting in your Bumbo now that you have better head control. Your brother loves to sit beside you and talk to you and he's an excellent pacifier replacer.

At your two month checkup you weighed 9lb 14oz and were 20 3/4" long. You wear size 1 diapers and size 0-3 month clothes.

You are growing so fast and we love to watch you change and learn each day! You bring so much sunshine to our lives and we can't imagine not having you here. We love you, Peyton Rhea!


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