Friday, November 16, 2012

What's in a name?

Before Peyton was born I sometimes thought about nicknames I might give her. I think nicknames come with personality and it's difficult (impossible) to know your baby's personality before they are born. So the only nickname I really gave much thought to before her birth was Sweet P. This is partly because there were 4 baby girls born on one side of our family this year between February and November. The first three babies all have names starting with P: Paloma, Presley and Peyton. Before they were even born we started calling them the Sweet P's or the 3 P's in a pod. :)

In the couple of weeks after Peyton's birth the nicknames started coming out. I don't notice Steve using very many with her but I found myself using a BUNCH. There are times when I'm trying to calm her down and I'm shushing and cooing and talking softly and I will use 5 or 6 nicknames in the span of a minute! It makes me wonder how I'll come up with anything to call our next kid. ;)

Peyton means "noble"
Rhea means "lamb"

I thought it would be fun to write down all of Peyton's nicknames. I wonder how many will have stuck if I look back on this post a few years from now!

In no particular order (sometimes it depends in the day!):

P (used most when talking about her in writing)
Sweet P
Sister bear (and sissy bear)
Sister girl (and sissy girl)
Little girl (Steve and Jordan use this one)
Baby girl
Honey girl
Honey bug
Sweetie bug
Sugar (pronounced more like soogur)
Sugar booger
Tiny (my sister's name for her)
Punkin head
Punkin bug
Silly bug
Silly goose

Plus the usuals - sweetie, honey, etc. And occasionally I actually call her Peyton Rhea. ;)

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