Friday, January 18, 2013

Four months

Dear Peyton,

Happy 4 months!

On Christmas Eve (just 3 days after your 4 month birthday) you rolled over from your tummy to your back! It took a looooong time for Daddy to see you do this because you mostly liked to do it during your morning play time on the floor, while he was at work. Then, just a week later, on New Years Day, you rolled from your back to your tummy when nobody was looking!

Watching the snow fall

You are learning to like sitting up and you spend more and more time in your Bumbo chair, getting better at this skill.

Bath time is still your FAVORITE part of the day! Even if you are super fussy, as soon as Mama lays you on the bathroom floor, you get smiley and happy and start kicking your feet. Then once you are in the tub, splash splash splash! This month you went swimming for the first time! Not surprisingly, you LOVED it!

You are starting to nurse a little more frequently, probably because you are growing! You only nurse for about 5 minutes at a time.

You love to hold toys and wave them around. Your big brother enjoys playing on the floor with you and he babysits every day while Mama takes a shower.

You started teething this month, though we haven't seen any teeth yet. When you seem particularly uncomfortable we give you a small dose of Tylenol and that seems to make a big difference. You also like cold teething toys and frozen water-filled pacifiers.

You are still wearing some 0-3 month clothes, but have mostly moved to 3 month outfits. You are still in size 1 diapers and still wearing cloth some of the time.

You are SO wiggly and squirmy and we have to tell people this before they hold you so you don't wiggle right out of their arms! You tried the Johnny Jump-Up for the first time and thought it was SO much fun.

You love making squealing noises and have started making one really funny noise where you suck in air and squeal way back in your throat at the same time. You're such a goober! You make this noise to get attention.

Auntie Kendra captioned this picture,
"Uh... You're home early!"

You really like car rides and are a good little passenger, usually falling asleep fairly quickly.

Christmas came during your 4th month and you were such a little trooper at all of our Christmas parties and events. Your big brother helped you open your presents on Christmas morning.

Visiting Santa at Nana & Grandpa's church
 At your 4 month checkup you weighed 12lbs 8oz and were 23.5" long. You absolutely love your doctor and give her lots and lots of smiles!

You bring so much joy to our family, baby P! We love you to the moon and back!

New Year's Eve


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