Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Five months

Dear Peyton,

You are 5 months old and time is flying by!

One of your favorite things this month is the time you spend with Mama in the rocking chair. After we finish nursing (which you do every 2 or 2.5 hours) we will sit and play and smile and laugh with each other. You like to grab my face or lean back really far or make silly noises.

You absolutely adore your daddy and he usually gets a HUGE smile when he comes home from work! You think it's funny when he kisses you and will try to grab his cheeks.

Nana is the person who can make you laugh the most. You think she is SO funny and you love going to her house to play. You used to be afraid of Grandpa and Papa but you are getting used to them now and don't cry when they hold you.

You are not a fan of sleep and you try to fight it when we lay you in your crib for naps or bedtime. You still fall asleep easily in the car and sometimes Daddy will take you on a "country drive" to put you to sleep in your carseat.

You have favorite toys now and they include rattles (the louder the better), colored rings that snap together and a particular ball with lots of textured nubs that you can chew on.

You roll from your tummy to your back like a pro and will hardly stay on your tummy when we lay you down. You have discovered your toes and spend as much time as possible grabbing them and stuffing your feet in your mouth. You also learned how to replace your own pacifier - a wonderful skill to possess.

You still love baths and naked time and sometimes when you are fussy, just getting you undressed will improve your mood.

This month you got RSV and had a horrible cough, congestion and a little fever. We ended up taking you to Urgent Care and you had a nebulizer treatment and came home with an inhaler.

You tried your first cereal this month! You thought it was just wonderful. Since then you have also tried avocado and sweet potato and you liked both. (You are also much better at taking a bottle now.) Your favorite solid is oatmeal and you say "mmmm" when you take bites.

You wear 3 month clothes now and are just starting to wear some 3-6 month clothes. You made the jump to size 2 diapers this month (cloth are a little less frequent now).

At your 5 month checkup you weighed 13lbs 13oz and were 23" long (I think).

 The necklace you see in these photos is an amber teething necklace.
I swear by ours.

You are just perfect and we love you more every day!


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