Saturday, February 16, 2008

15 minutes better

Owlhaven is a blog that I read daily and really enjoy. A couple of weeks ago she started writing posts called 15 Minutes Better - a time where she tries to snatch a few quality "people" moments throughout the day, rather than focusing on the chaos around her or the tasks at hand. Her idea is that it seems pretty impossible to make every day perfect, but if we start with just making 15 minutes better, that makes a difference, especially to the person we spend it with. I've really enjoyed reading about the special moments in her days and decided I would like to do the same. I have a hard time blogging EVERY day, so mine won't be a daily report, but here is how I made today 15 minutes better:

1. This afternoon Steve's brother came over while I was at his house and I was on my way to Subway to get lunch. I don't always get along with Dave, but I asked him and Rylie if they wanted anything for lunch and then picked it up for them.
2. I bought a jogging stroller for Jordan today and put it together (by myself!). I surprised him with it and he loved it and immediately wanted to go for a walk (the weather was GORGEOUS today), so we got a snack and went for a very long one, around the neighborhood where Steve owns his house. When we got back we played hide and seek (kind of hard in an EMPTY house) and he giggled and giggled.

3. Tonight I was eating in a different room when Steve came in and said he was going to eat at the table, so I joined him. We had some good conversation over dinner together, which is something that is sometimes hard to do at home.

I'll be working at it again tomorrow and will try to write about another 15 minutes better!

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