Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And at the end of the day...

If Blogger were like MySpace (and thank the good Lord it isn't) I would be able to choose a "mood" to go with my blog. Today's would be Livid.

I've been having an emotionally hard time with life in general the past few weeks and today I finally felt like I was having a really good day and things were looking up. I was having lunch in my car (which I've come to enjoy because it's so quiet and peaceful) and I rolled the windows down to soak in some sun. I texted one of my roommates and said, "It smells like spring!" A few minutes later I got a text back that read, "I'm not exactly happy with you."


When I came home and walked in my room, I found the whiteboard on my bed, completely full of her handwriting. Along with a pile of my stuff, which apparently cannot live where it had been living. (It's virtually all of my bathroom stuff and it had been living in a little tote on the back of the toilet.)

On the whiteboard was basically a list of all the things I am doing that are unacceptable. The gist of it was that I'm a slob and if I'm going to ask them to pick anything up, then every damn thing of mine better be picked up, too. In not so nice words.

The 5th thing on the list said (I kid you not), "FIND A WAY TO BE HAPPY!"

Gee, it would be really cool if happiness was just a switch you could flip to On and the world would be a wonderful place. It was ironic to me that she decided to bitch me out on the first day I was actually feeling like the world COULD be a wonderful place.

The PS at the bottom of the board said, "Seriously, work on #5."

Then, I walk into the kitchen and there's ANOTHER note on the whiteboard on the fridge! Basically saying, "Hope you got my other note because, seriously, I am FED UP with you." She went so far as to say (and I quote), "You have no regard for other people's feelings." SHE said that I have no regard for people's feelings! After she wrote me those notes!!!

After I called Steve and screamed into his voicemail (poor guy - I was SO angry), I wrote a nasty note back and basically fired something back about every point she had made. I'd love to move my stuff in the bathroom, if the drawers and cupboards weren't ALREADY full! And it would be great if we could rearrange some kitchen stuff, so why don't you move the light fixtures from the 70's that are being stored in the cupboards. Except I was NOT nice.

One point she did make that was valid is that ever since I moved in I've had boxes and totes stacked against a couple of walls and all over the garage. Ironically (again) it was something I was planning to work on this weekend. Mind you, she has never mentioned one word about me maybe picking stuff up or organizing a little, it was just *BAM* nasty note.

I spent several hours tonight organizing my stuff in the garage and hauling it up to the attic to store. I went to Target and bought several more plastic totes (for way too much money) and filled most of them. I flattened some boxes and stacked others to store way in the back of the attic for when I move again. I came inside and unpacked two boxes that have been living in the hallway. I vacuumed. I did all the dishes (including theirs) and wiped down the counters. I took out the trash.

And she darn well better appreciate it.

Then I tore up the first note I wrote and wrote (a much shorter) one basically kissing up and saying I'll work on the stuff she talked about. And telling her that she REALLY hurt my feelings. She said she hates coming home because I always have something to bitch about and now I don't want to be here because apparently I can't do anything right. And apparently it's HER house and I'm just living in it. I sure don't feel like it's my home anymore.

Diana, will you please move back?

**Side note: I don't usually talk about people like this, but I'm sorry, I had to get it all off my chest.


Lani said...

Ugh. Sometimes roommate stuff is the worst! Hang in there and just remember you guys need to communicate as much as possible. And, sometimes, its better for people to be friends than roommates. I have a good friend that that was the case for us. She's an awesome friend but being a roommate to her was THE PITS! Just do the best you can! No one can ask for more than that...

Diaria said...

I'm actually getting interviews for a job in Eugene....not that that would do you a lot of good....

Let's see, I've had a good share of crappy roommates before....what advice can I give you.... I finally got to the point where I didn't spread ANY of my stuff out into the common area (especially difficult my freshman year, where there were three girls living in one dorm room), never complained to them, rarely spoke to them, if I didn't like their stuff in my way, I would pick it up and pile it on their bed/chair/desk, they would get the idea. Really really doesn't do any good in a dorm, but when I was in a house with my own room, I just stayed in there most of the time, or went out, and didn't socialize with my roommates. The best advice; try to be nice (as you did), but if they really push you, let them know they are pissing you off. They're not going to just stop being jerks, believe me, I know. Oh, and this is why you should NEVER move in with your friends.

~hugs~ cheer up, or I'll come down there with a sharpie and draw a smile on your face....and then run away very fast.