Friday, February 8, 2008

A little of this, a little of that...

Okay, Lani, here I am for real. =)

I didn't even realize how "behind" I was from not having internet! Everything needed updating. And hey, notice all of the songs on my music player actually work now!

This week has been NUTS at work! I've been fairly frustrated at times because they (being my supervisor and manager) took two employees who were really strong in what they did and switched their jobs, which has made them weak. In the long run it might be a good switch (at least one side of it) but it's taking some serious adjustment on everybody's part. Although, Monday I was having a REALLY bad day and one of my coworkers brought me back flowers on her lunch break! Totally made my week doable. =)

Yesterday this lady called about getting some records and her side of the conversation went like this (with a few words thrown in by me):

"Well, good MORNING to ya! (I can tell she's a black woman from the south.) Mikaila, wow, that's one of my favorite names, so pretty." (Thank you.) Shut up. Oh, not you! I was talking to my partner here who's drunk. Oh, excuse me, this is Oregon, not my partner, my FRIEND. Anyway, my FRIEND here decided to get in a horrible accident and we walked in there to get checked out, seeing as we were a bloody mess, and we were wondering how to go about getting medical records." Etc, etc.

Today I called Security to come and get a chart and take it to Mental Health and when the guy answered the phone I said, "Hi Roger, it's Mikaila in Mental Health... Medical Records... yeah, it's time to go home." He laughed at me.

I'm excited for tomorrow because Steve works all day and Jordan and I have big plans. First on our list is letterboxing (probably in our boots because I'm sure it will be raining!) and then we'll come home and get all toasty and put together his Valentine's for school and make Valentine cookies. I found one of those little icing bag things you use for decorating cakes/cookies for 4 bucks today so I bought that for him to have fun with. He is totally not into sweets so I love making cookies with him because I don't have to keep him from eating them all!

I suppose I should TRY to get to bed at a halfway decent hour tonight... especially if I'm going to try to make it to Stacy's last coffee morning tomorrow (sad day!). I'm hoping to post pictures soon because I'm WAY backed up and I have some really good ones.

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