Saturday, February 16, 2008

Down the trail...

Last weekend Jordan and I went on our first letterboxing trip together. He was all gung ho to go find boxes, so the first one we looked for was a pirate box, hidden in the same park where we had his pirate-themed birthday party. The clues were all about climbing aboard the ship (playground equipment) and looking out over the sea (field) to a raft (picnic table), etc. He LOVED following the clues and got very into it.

He also loved stamping in my journal and was excited to go find the second and third boxes (both down the same trail at a different park). Unfortunately, we didn't find either box. We walked and walked to the place where the first box was supposed to be...

The clue was a riddle, and a hard one at that. We never fully solved the riddle, but we looked and looked for the box where we THOUGHT it should have been. Then we set off to look for the second box. We met a couple down the trail who said part of the trail was washed out, so we might not be able to get to the end. We walked and walked and looked for the tree that "looked like a civil war canon who got lost", but eventually (after over a mile) his little legs got tired and we decided to head back (with me carrying him over a mile back to the car).

I had wanted to do some more boxing in Corvallis today (there are WAY more boxes there than the measley 3 hidden in Albany, several hidden by my parents) but he started playing with his cousin and wasn't interested in going. Now that we have the stroller I think we'll do a lot more of it because I won't have to worry so much about hike length.

My parents signed up for a letterboxing retreat today and I decided to go for just a day (it's not until September, darn it). I'm looking foward to it! Kendra is getting really good at carving stamps so that's been fun to watch. We did a lot of letterboxing on our trip to the coast for Kendra's birthday so I'll have to post some of those pictures soon.

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