Saturday, March 29, 2008



I decided Thursday morning that I was moving asap, no matter where I had to move to, because it would most likely be temporary until I could get my own place. I called my mom and asked if I could move home for a couple/few weeks and she talked to my dad and they said yes.

I started searching for people to help me move and a vehicle to move with. I got ahold of one friend who lined up 3 buddies and I figured we were all set. Then Thursday night/Friday morning he called and midnight and said his uncle died and he was on his way to California with his dad. So I was back to square one but really, nobody can predict those things.

Friday I put out an e-mail to the church saying I needed help and one elder called me and said he would love to help. Friday morning I left work at 10 because I was NOT feeling well and was totally overwhelmed with the amount of packing I had to do and the amount of time I had to do it. I went to Target and bought 6 giant Rubbermaid bins and started packing. Stacy and Kendra showed up to help and I bought 6 more bins. We packed until about 8pm when I finally felt like I was in a place to move the next day. I hadn't even been living at the house since Monday night.

I called every moving truck place around and was told that NOTHING was available. I finally talked to a lady in Lebanon who had a truck that was way bigger than I needed but she would cut me a deal because I had to drive so far to pick it up, yadda yadda. About 10 seconds after I hung up with her my brother called and said he was able to get a cube van through his work that was already in Albany and we could use it for free (well, cookies and a little gas money). I called that lady right back and cancelled the truck!

This morning we headed over to the house about 9 (after I went to coffee with my sister for the first time in weeks and it was SO refreshing!) and started staging and loading stuff. It was my parents and brother, George, Madre and Stacy. We started loading at about 10 and by 11:45 we had everything unloaded into the storage unit. The unit has a loft in it so we were able to put all the furniture down below and all the boxes up above. My dad told me this evening that it was SO helpful that I was already totally packed and all we had to do was actually move the stuff (although every time I move I scratch more people off my list of future helpers because once they move my couch they vow never to come back).

I took one car load to my parents house (and one load in their van - mini fridge, cooler of food, clothes) and had lunch and then went back to the house to transport a few more things to the storage unit and clean up. I did about 6 once-overs to make sure I got everything and on the way out the door I noticed that the lamp RIGHT next to the front door was also mine. Duh. My mom had said before she left, "Well, you'll have to do an idiot check." Madre and Stacy started giggling and Mom goes, "Hey, I found two!"

So I swept and vacuumed and did one last once-over and left. I stopped to see Brooke at work and tell her that all my stuff was out. She and I had a hard day on Friday. She had been on her way somewhere and she said, "I just feel like staying here, I've been really sad and I feel like crying." I asked her why and she teared up and said, "Because I don't want you to go..." which totally set me off and we both started bawling. She and I parted on really good terms and I think we'll hang out in the future (or at least talk - our schedules never match up). I've pretty much cut my losses with Kaitlyn. She obviously didn't put too much value on our friendship to begin with. Brooke said to hang on to my key for a couple weeks so I can stop in a pick up mail and stuff since it probably won't be when they're home. I put in a forwarding address on Friday so hopefully that will go into effect soon.

I brought one half-size bookshelf and my nightstand with me to my parents. Plus my computer, clothes, a couple pairs of shoes (Madre could not BELIEVE I was putting my shoes in storage) and one Rubbermaid tub of misc. books and cross stitch and the like.

I gotta say, I am BEAT. Tomorrow I start apartment hunting. I'm going to look in Corvallis and Albany at this point, just to broaden my options. I don't want to miss out on a great, affordable place in Corvallis because I'm only looking in Albany. And yes, I loved being in Albany to be close to Steve and Jordan, but I got a little bit lonely sometimes. And with gas prices skyrocketing I may need to stay here to end the commute to work (although I loved commuting).

Anyway, I'm off to bed. I had intended a short post. =) More updates to come, I'm sure.


Carrie said...

Congratulations! =)

Diaria said...

Hey, that is great that you could move back to your parent's place. You can save up money (lord knows saving is better than spending it all....says me who just bought a boat load of knitting needles, and I can hardly knit....)

Anyways, I hope it all works out well for you!!!!