Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rollin' rollin'

This week was crazy!

Tessa asked me the other day how living back at home is going and I said, "It's been really weird... and at the same time, not weird at all." I never thought I would move back home (and never wanted to) but it's been an easier adjustment than I thought.

Of course, as I type that my dad is banging and scraping and drilling on the other side of my wall as part of a bathroom remodeling project! Last night he had to climb up in the attic and I came upstairs to find little tiny pieces of plaster all over my bed that had been shaken loose by his crawling around.

But for the most part, it's gone really well. I picked up a couple of chores and have agreed to make dinner once or twice a week. My parents have basically said I can stay here as long as it takes me to find a GOOD apartment to live in. Something safe and clean and affordable. I'm hoping it doesn't take me until June, but I got to thinking, that may be when the good stuff opens back up because of OSU letting out.

I have a whole list of apartments to call about but I haven't done it yet. I used this week as an adjustment period and a getting healthy period. Next week I'll start back in with the responsibilities of apartment hunting and getting my oil changed, etc. =)

Jordan said something the other day that just cracked me up:

Him, watching TV: "Wow, that's knarly."

Me: *chuckle* "Where did you learn that word?"

Him: "Oh, I just found it under my tongue!"

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Carrie said...

I was wondering what had become of you! Glad to hear things are settled and secure for now and that you have been given the time you need to find a good place and really search things out. That's such a HUGE blessing!

LOL on the Jordan comment.