Friday, March 21, 2008


Brooke and I drove to a couple of apartment complexes to check them out after I got off work today. Some pros and cons of the first place:


  • They have studios for $395/month plus electric (which wouldn't be much in a studio).
  • Move-in would be $895 for me because there is a refundable $500 deposit. That's not bad.
  • The whole complex seemed really community-like, even just driving through the parking lot, which I liked.
  • It's right by hwy 34 (which is also a con because I hate hwy 34 and I love taking hwy 20 to work every day).
  • It had little storage closets outside. I don't know for sure but hopefully one comes with each unit. Storage is good.
  • It's right next to LBCC.
  • They just remodeled the place from the studs out and it looks NICE.


  • It's right next to 7-11.
  • There's a good chance I'd be in a downstairs apartment which I dislike for a couple of reasons. The obvious: you have people above you. The less obvious: being above ground level feels (and is) much safer.
  • I would be way down on one end of town instead of right in the middle.
  • It ONLY has resident parking which cramps the style of anyone who comes to visit me because they all have kids.

The second place was also really nice. It had lush green grass and a creek running right through the middle of it (which was not only gorgeous and relaxing but *summer!*). The neighborhood didn't seem quite as nice though and it's on the COMPLETE opposite end of town. I also had a really hard time navigating the website for the management company (though I did get to the application part). I also don't have any idea what their price range is.

I think I'll call both places on Monday and see if I can make an appointment to see them. Once I know what they look like I'll know which place I want to apply for because I'm only paying one application fee.

So far I like the first place better (mostly because of location) but I also don't know if they have a unit available, so we'll see how it all goes!

Now I'm trying to think of everything that I'd need for my OWN place since everywhere that I've lived so far, if there was anything I didn't have, somebody else had it.

Looking forward to Monday!

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