Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Okay, that's a scream of frustration and excitement.

Frustration because I came home to a note on the fridge from the roommate I NEVER see, demanding to know when I was going to inform HER that I was moving out, because I should know it affects her, too.

Hey, if I saw you for more than 10 seconds every 5 days or so, I would be glad to talk to you.

The last time she came home she was incredibly rude to Steve and myself and was probably here less than 2 minutes. I explained that I only decided yesterday that I'm moving out and that part of the reason I left the note for Brooke on the bathroom mirror was so Kaitlyn would see it, too. I'm a little surprised she was so pissed because the note was extremely nice and basically said that it's absolutely nothing against them, I just need a place where I can feel safe coming home, and where I can sleep through the night. I was very clear on the fact that I like them and want to keep our friendships and that I'm not upset at THEM. So whatever. Every day I feel relieved leaving work because I can finally go home. And then the anxiety starts because I hate coming home.

The excited part is twofold.

This house I have a lead on? It was posted on craigslist and it has an intersection posted for location. After work today I drove to the neighborhood. FRICKIN' NICE!!! In fact, I believe I said to myself, "Damn."

See this house here? They're at LEAST this nice. ALL of them. And bigger. In an extremely quiet-looking neighborhood.

I couldn't believe it. For $350! EVERYTHING included! TiVo, high speed internet, garage storage, a big window in the bedroom... I had e-mailed the guy and he got right back to me and said if I'd like to come see it I could and that if I wanted to give them a deposit they could hold it. I told him I was just casually looking and not ready to put down a deposit. That was a couple days ago and now I'm pretty serious about it and I haven't gotten an e-mail back. So hopefully he's just busy and I'll hear from him by the end of tomorrow. I feel like I'm in somewhat of a time crunch, even though I don't have a date I have to be out of here by, because I don't want to pay April rent in two places.

The house is owned by a younger couple and they're renting out their spare rooms. I had some friends who did that once and it worked out really well for them. The guy who e-mailed me (probably the male half of the couple?) said it's a really great situation and that they're like a family. Which is pretty much how I envisioned roommates being!

Anyway, waiting, waiting. PLEASE pray for this situation! That it will be an obvious choice. A huge factor for me is whether the people already living there are Christians. It seems like places to live have always sort of fallen in my lap and this one seemed to at first. I'm just hoping it will continue to. I'm ready to live somewhere happy. =)

The second thing!

Remember how I posted about possibly finding a part time job? I posted on public notices at work that I'm looking to bring in some extra cash and I love kids. I basically offered to babysit for people in the evenings and on weekends. And I said pay is negotiable, which I think people like. In 24 hours I got 3 responses! Okay, one was Harvest and I doubt I'd charge her (maybe for overnight) but still, 2! And one family has 4 kids, ages 4, 4, 8 and 12. That lady asked me lots of questions and told me a lot about her kids and said if I'd like to do a short trial run this Saturday...

The other lady who responded has two kids, ages 6 and 2 1/2. She's actually someone I've met before because she did a work experience in the office where I used to work.

I'm excited! This is something that I like doing. And even if it doesn't pay a LOT of money, at least I'm not sitting at home, which I've done a lot of lately. It gets lonely here.

So folks, that's my story. I'm exhausted from work this week (3 rough days in a row?? come on!) but I finally slept through the night last night! It's probably because Brooke didn't come home, but hey, I felt rested when I woke up.

Oh yeah! And Steve came over for family night at my parents' last night! We played Texas Hold 'Em and I kicked my dad's butt in the last hand. We had so much fun.

And now, for some dinner.

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