Sunday, March 16, 2008

Roommates are not for me.

I used to think I would absolutely hate to live alone. I thought I would get lonely and not be able to sleep at night.

Now, I would give almost anything to have my own apartment and not have to share it. Because even living here I get lonely and I don't sleep at night.

My roommates do not know (nor do they read this blog) that I have started casually looking for a new place. I've lived here 3 months and I've had enough.

I come home to dirty dishes all over the kitchen. The dishes are my chore, but scraping dried food off of them is not. Empty soda cans and glasses strewn everywhere. The garbage and recycling are overflowing. There are papers all over the kitchen table and mail covering the counter. There are clothes thrown all over the couch. DVD's stacked on top of the player and their cases stacked next to them. There are hair straighteners on the bathroom counter. Razor caps at the bottom of the shower. Piles of laundry covering the washer and dryer. Cigarette butts and ash all over the patio. I get woken up 3 or 4 times EVERY NIGHT.

It's lovely, people.

And now that I just typed that all out I'm even more disgusted. lol

If I were about $150 richer every month I would get my own place in a heartbeat.

But I'm not.

Yesterday I started considering getting another part time job just to bring in some extra cash. I did the math today and even if it were minimum wage it would probably give me an extra $300 a month or so, after taxes. But then I don't know what I would be willing to do because I wouldn't do something like fast food. And the hours would be tricky because if I weren't off by about 8pm I would lose sleep and that's something I can't afford. Plus, I gave up my social life for school one time and it was the worst.

So that's still a big fat maybe. (Anybody know of an evening nanny job or anything? Haha.)

I looked at a couple of places online today. This town has pretty much nothing to offer right now, it's all near the university. There was one house that sounded really cool that is a couple renting out their spare rooms. The guy said it's pretty neat, they're like a family. I think it was less than I pay now, way bigger, and everything included. Something like that would be really cool, but I'm afraid to go from these roommates to new roommates because hey, no roommate is perfect. However, I moved in with an almost-stranger before and she turned out to be a great roommate, nerdy as she was. =) There is a LOT of truth to that saying about moving in with friends.

Right now this is all just me dreaming. I probably won't get a part time job and I probably won't move out. But I'm so frustrated right now. I would appreciate prayers for patience and finances.

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Diaria said...

Yay for nerds!!!!

My freshman year was exactly like what it sounds like you are going through, except we lived in the same room, and therefore I had to deal with them having parties whilst I was trying to sleep. I tried to accept what they were doing at first, but then I just started doing the same things to them that they did to me (i.e. they would wake me up late at night with bringing in friends/turning on the lights etc. but I got up early in the morning while they were asleep, so I started turning on the radio loud, opening the curtians, etc.) Made one of my roommates respect me a bit more, made the other hate me double, mixed results, and made the last few months there unbearable with the second roommate, so this procedure is a gamble. On the flip side, if you just keep letting them walk all over you, it won't be getting any better for you.

What you may want to start trying is to take the clothes they leave on the couch and dump it on their beds (if you don't know who's is who's, makes it all the better), change up the chore list (don't do everyone's dishes is the main point here), leave sticky tags everywhere with their chores ("Take out the trash").

Well anyways, I don't know if any of this helps you at all, or if you want this advice, but I will pray to any god/gods that may exist that they help you survive this and that your roommates sprout strange tentacle appendages in random places, particularly in the face, or where the sun don't shine.....well, maybe not really....