Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kids, clothes and porch deco

Yesterday I babysat for a woman that I (sort of) work with. Her kids are so much fun. Their dad works graveyard and sleeps during the day so I had them at my place. We got out the box of Play-Doh and they had the time of their lives. My friend's daughter usually plays with the dough but not the accessories but these guys tried EVERYTHING out and there is some cool stuff in there! I got the whole box for free and I've never really looked through it so yesterday I went through all the dough and threw out the crusty stuff. I have about 4 containers of orange and pink and zero blue. lol

Shayla fed lunch to the frog and the "lion." Hedgehog is a hard word. =)

Rhonen spent a good portion of time in the "teeth making business" as you can hear him talking about.

Today I spent some time shopping with a friend (ex roommate) and got some REALLY cute stuff that I'm excited to wear to work. The whole spree was inspired by needing some professional summer clothes and I found some! The trip included a pair of shoes that I can wear without socks but that are close-toed (hard to find in a summer shoe). Dress codes make it tricky to find stuff sometimes. Here's my haul:

I stopped at the store for a couple of plants for my porch because it was looking bare. I also transplanted a house plant (my only one) so it looks cheery inside too! Doesn't my front door look happy??

The weekend is always too short. I'm babysitting several times this week so that's fun. Off to decide which cute outfit to wear to work and make tomorrow's lunch!

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