Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You can disregard this post

It's been a frustrating week at work.

I have a coworker who we will call D. D's daughter has two kids, ages 3 and almost 3 and is pregnant. She moved to town from Dallas on Monday night. D was frazzled all day Monday and we asked her if she would be in Tuesday and she swore up and down that she would be. Tuesday rolls around, no D. We all assumed that would happen, so whatever.

However, all day Tuesday people were coming in to review charts that they had sent us pull lists for, and their charts were not pulled. We could not find the lists ANYWHERE and Stephanie and I knew we had not pulled the charts, nor seen the lists. This happened three times on Tuesday.

Wednesday (today) rolls around, no D. Now we're seriously annoyed. Her daughter moved to town with her kids, yes. She has a lot going on in her life, yes. But she also told us very recently that she has no vacation time and she swore up and down she would be at work this week.

Then, another coworker comes up front to help us and questions her not being there. Stephanie and I just look at each other, each waiting for the other to respond. Eve asks, "Sick?" We blink. She tells us, "I saw her at Kmart last night, bright as the sun, WITH her daughter and grandkids, waving across the store at me. She's not sick."

Us: *mad*

Two more times today people came in looking for charts that should have been pulled. I got fed up and decided to look around D's work space (everyone shares desks) and lo and behold, ALL OF THE LISTS, shoved under her computer monitor stand, clearly stating the days they need to be done, and none of them touched.

Stephanie calls me tonight absolutely hysterical and sobbing. She has a friend up in Portland who was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago. It's the same situation she went through with her sister a couple of years ago (last year?). He was pretty certain he had cancer but no doctor would believe him because "you're nineteen, you're too young." He FINALLY got a doctor who believed him and tested and sure enough, he had cancer. And by then it was too late. They told him he had three to six weeks.

This friend has been asking Stephanie to come and visit ever since he found out. At first she couldn't afford it. She's been saving money for a few weeks now and was planning to take the trip next Thursday. This week she got a call that he was doing worse and the last couple of days she's been wanting to get up there, but felt that she couldn't go because that would leave me in the office alone.

She called me tonight, hysterical, just after finding out that her friend passed away twenty minutes before.

I know the situation couldn't have been changed and I know Stephanie's friend dying isn't D's fault, but it is so hard to know that one of your coworkers, who hasn't been performing her job correctly, or reliably, for several weeks now, is out gallivanting around town instead of working and your other coworker, who daily pulls MORE than her fair share of weight, is mourning the death of a friend who she never got to see because she felt bad about leaving YOU to work alone.

This isn't even something I should post here but I'm so upset about the whole thing that I am anyway.


Carrie said...

This is truly an awful situation! It's a painful thing not to get to say goodbye to someone you love. I'll be prayign for your co-worker today as she process through this. And for you as you minister to her!

Diaria said...

Oh god that sucks. I am so sorry for your coworker and you. That is terrible. I wouldn't know what to do in that situation at all. Flaky co-workers like D just leave you in horrible situations.