Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The one where something happens every day

A lot has been going on! And at the same time, not that much. It just seems like a lot.

Saturday I babysat for some friends who were moving into their dream house they just built. I have no idea what the temperature peaked at that day but it was HOT! I did not envy them moving and was so thankful to be able to spend the afternoon in a very air conditioned room. Their house is AMAZING. I can't wait to babysit there in the future.

Sunday the daughter of one of my coworkers called. They were doing laundry at the laundromat and had the kids with them. It was NOT working out and she asked if I could PLEASE come and pick them up. I had never babysat for them before. They are two and three and FULL of energy! More energy than I have seen in any kids that age before. First I brought them to my apartment because it was SO hot outside. I thought, worse case scenario, pop in a movie and give them some fruit snacks. After fifteen minutes they had COMPLETELY destroyed my apartment and I called my friend and begged her to meet me at the park with her two kids.

Once we got to the park they were angels. I told them the one rule was that they had to keep their shoes on (most of the park was bark dust). That rule was only broken about... 72 times, but otherwise they were really good. My coworker asked if I would ever watch them again and I said yes, just not at my apartment! I thought it was kid proof/kid friendly but these kids were something else.

Monday night my kitchen flooded! I was rinsing dishes and loading my dishwasher and I turned on the garbage disposal. It immediately started grinding and sounded like there was a tin can in it so I shut it off and decided I would just not use it and let my managers know it wasn't working. La la la, loading dishwasher, water running, tv on... feet wet? I look down and the bath mat I keep in front of my sink is soaked and the water is running out over the floor. I shut off the faucet and open the cupboard under the sink... water is GUSHING out of my garbage disposal. In four places.

I immediately start calling people. First my on-site manager. Then the two emergency maintenance numbers I was given. Then all three again. Then a third time. FINALLY somebody answered at one number. She listened to my story and said yeah, that's a problem, I'll call some people and get right back to you. This was at about 5:45. During all this I threw some towels on the floor and started mopping up the lake that was spreading throughout my kitchen. But before I could get the water all soaked up it started disappearing... down the floor? Under the stove? Turns out, the new owner of the building doesn't really care where the water went. She basically said, "eh" and shrugged her shoulders about it. Which ought to make it fun when the linoleum in my kitchen starts peeling up or the neighbors downstairs start getting a sagging ceiling.

When I finally talked to a maintenance person she said since they just bought the place they don't have an established maintenance crew in Corvallis. Well folks, time to get one! So then the story was that it might take two days to fix. Hello! If I turn my sink on the water comes out the bottom! The plumbers ended up having extra time in their day and were able to fix it on Tuesday. They replaced the disposal and everything's fine so I have no idea what was wrong with it. And no idea where all that water went!

Last night I went shopping for supplies to make invitations for a girls night next weekend. Madre told me we should have a night while I'm house sitting and I told her we should probably ask (it's a guy from our church who she works for and knows really well). She marched me over to ask and he looked at me and said, "Yeah! Have more than one! But seriously, have anybody over that you want. We trust you." So we're gonna have a little party. =) I came up with a super cool invitation idea and as soon as I'm done providing you with information about my crazy week, I'm gonna go put my imagination to work. =)

Speaking of work, the 4th is my holiday to work this year. I much prefer it to a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas but working any holiday stinks (aside from the pay). We're planning to barbecue in the evening so that will be fun. And then Saturday is our annual family reunion/picnic/BBQ on my dad's side which I'm also looking forward to.

It's been (and will continue to be) a busy week! Hope all is well with everyone! Have a safe and happy 4th!

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