Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mommyhood hopes and dreams

I have been thinking quite a lot lately about the future. Namely, my future children.

Steve and I talk all the time (like, daily) about our future kids. Their names (yes, we've named them), our hopes for their personalities (his silliness and my level-headed-ness) and the way we will raise them.

As Jordan continues to call me Mommy more than he calls me Kaila and Steve continues to refer to me as Mommy and never as Kaila, I've been thinking about this more and more.

As Jordan journeys along through second grade this year and I sit with him in the evenings and work on things like expanded notation and identifying the beginning, middle and end of stories, I think about it more and more.

Here are just a few other things that I am greatly looking forward to about motherhood:

* I cannot wait to see the look on Jordan's face when he becomes a big brother. He asks us weekly (and often more frequently) when he gets a baby brother or sister. He has all sorts of creative names up his sleeve and I'm sure that his younger siblings will end up with quite the unique nicknames. :)

* Steve and I have talked a lot about my desire to homeschool our kids. Steve recently talked with Jordan about this and Jordan has expressed that he would like to finish 5th grade at his current elementary school and then he would like to be homeschooled as well. I love his school. They have molded and structured his learning to fit his needs and he has totally blossomed because of it. He has had wonderful teachers for all 3 of his years there and they have worked very closely with Steve and I to keep Jordan on track and to make learning fun for him.

I have always looked back on my own homeschooling journey with VERY fond memories and I would love to provide that for my kids as well. I learned how to cook and type and sew when I was 8 years old. I learned to be friends with every age group, not just my own. I remember the homeschool groups and the plays and the book writing... I am so anxious to do it all again.

* I want to be a babywearing, breastfeeding, baby-food-making mama. And a blogging one. :)

* I hope to have a whole gob of kids. Ok, maybe 4 more for a total of 5. Steve is a little leery but he says as long as we're all healthy and happy and can afford it, he wants lots of kids, too. I'm fairly certain that God will keep us happy and healthy and allow us to afford as many kids as he wants us to have. :)

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