Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - 13 sites I enjoy

1. Blogger, of course! :)

2. Twitter. What can I say?

3. Slogan Generator. This one is fun to plug in with people's names.

4. MckMama. Her family could also use your prayers right now. Stop by and read their story!

5. AtlasQuest. For all your letterboxing needs! :)

6. I Can Has Cheezburger. One for the cat lovers out there!

7. Dancing Hippo! This is one that Jordan enjoys.

8. Facebook. Hey, let's be real here.

9. 4tunate. What a great blog.

10. This is another one Jordan enjoys.

11. Reading to Know. This is the blog of a friend of mine and has a lot to offer!

12. Winnie the Pooh and Hippo, too! This is ADORABLE. Really, if you're going to follow two of the links in this post, make them these last two. (And #4.)

13. And my all-time favorite... Haha Baby. I seriously laugh so hard at this that tears come to my eyes.

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