Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday - Dorothy's 66th birthday

I had intended for this to be a Wordless Wednesday post and a chance to finally share photos from Dorothy's birthday party. However, as I was posting the photos I realized that they really have a story behind them and since Dorothy is so dear to me, it's a story I want to share.

Dorothy is a watercolor artist and has become very good over the years. She still loves to paint and thankfully it is something that she is still able to do and still enjoys in short sessions. Since I have lived with her she has finished four pieces.

Heather and I had talked about what we could do for Dorothy's birthday that would be meaningful to her and came up with the idea to display her art and have a small artist's reception for her. We had originally wanted to display her artwork in the hallway of the hospital where she is very well known and respected, but that option didn't pan out for us. Instead, Heather and Dorothy's neighbor and dear friend Ellen contacted the owner of an art gallery here in town and he agreed to let us display Dorothy's art and hold a reception for her on the afternoon of her birthday.

We had wine and appetizers for everyone to enjoy:

My manager from work even came. :) He thinks very highly of Dorothy and it was fun to have him stop by.

The rainbow cake was (obviously) a SMASHING success. I actually got a bit tired of explaining how I had made it! Haha.

This is my favorite piece of Dorothy's and one she finished just recently for her mom's 96th birthday. It's one that I will eventually get a print of and hang in my own house. I believe she painted this from a photo that was taken in her neighbor's yard.

I am going to get a print of this photo and frame it, too. :)

Dorothy, Heather and I:

Dorothy, since living with you I have learned SO much and even though we have our hard days, this experience is not one that I would trade. You have helped me to become a better, more understanding, more patient person and have really enriched my life and the lives of people very close to me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for sharing your home and your family and friends with me. I love you very much!

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