Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Link up

I simply have not had the time I've wanted to blog this week. (This week at work has been the craziest we've had in a long time. I have a kink in my neck from being on the phone so much because my boss STILL has not gotten us headsets and I'm about to pitch a fit over it.)

I do have a couple of fun posts up my sleeve though so stay tuned!

Instead of my own ramblings I'll leave you with a few links that I have really enjoyed over the past few days.

Sunday Drive. I love MckMama's blog. And I found this story completely fascinating. Who knew??

A bit of history about Valentine's Day. I've always enjoyed Valentine's day as just a fun day to show some extra love. Now I know a bit more about it!

Nella Cordelia's birth story. This is not somebody that I know but it's a blog that I am anxious to delve into and a story that really, really touched my heart.

How to increase your blog traffic and readership. Of course I would love more traffic! I only know of three or four people who read my blog regularly. And that's totally fine because the whole reason I started this blog was so I could journal MY stories and thoughts and pictures in a more quick, simple way. But I do crave more of that community feeling. This post gave me some ideas!

DON'T TAKE THE PEN. Dooce is always good for a laugh. This story had me chuckling out loud.


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