Saturday, February 6, 2010

Petits Fours

I found the instructions for these ADORABLE petits fours on MckMama's blog. I watch a ton of Cake Boss and have always been totally fascinated by fondant so I decided to give them a try! I took a break from painting this weekend and vowed NOT to feel guilty about it (believe me, I needed a nice break), so I got crafty instead! My sister helped me by mixing my fondant colors.

I started with a box of Oreo Cakesters. (The author of this adventure (who was not MckMama, but a guest poster) said that she has not been able to find vanilla Cakesters for a long time but I was able to get them at Fred Meyer here in Oregon!)

I bought a box of pre-made fondant at Michaels (which I forgot to photograph) and tore off a hunk. I colored it with food coloring gel and got this nice pink.

I also made red and used some plain white. When trying to make a second "batch" of red we ended up with a darker pink so we actually worked with 4 colors, which was fun.

The author of the post used wax paper with her fondant and said that granite or marble works WAY better. I started off using granite and found that my fondant stuck to it after I rolled it out so I switched to wax paper and it worked great for me.

Using a very smooth rolling pin, I rolled out the fondant so it was slightly less than 1/4 of an inch thick. The Petits Four Queen made hers thicker because she was using chocolate Cakesters. That way the dark color would not show through (especially with the white fondant).

I draped the fondant over the Cakester and smoothed it down around the edges with the edge of my pinky finger. I then used a very sharp knife to cut around the edge of the Cakester, leaving just a little bit of a "lip".

Then, I forgot to take a picture so I'm sorry, the next photo is completely off track! =)

I gently flipped the Cakester over onto my palm and used the fingers of my other hand to smooth the edge of the fondant around to the bottom. (The bottom doesn't have to be completely covered. These aren't.)

I used some mini cookie cutters to cut out some more fondant pieces and decorated my little cakes with them. I even brushed a little watered down corn syrup and shimmer dust on a few of the hearts to add a little bit of a sparkle.

The finished products turned out SO CUTE! I am thrilled with them and am even considering making some more later this week to take to work as a little Valentine treat. They are incredibly easy to make and they just look adorable!


Tessa said...

Omg those are so cute. And I love when the guy yells about the the fondant. Or should I say "fonDANT." "What are yous doin??" Your kids are going to love you bringing these treats in for their friends. You know, until they're about 13.

Amanda said...

Those are great!! You did a wonderful job!!!

God bless-