Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday

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Are you feeling guilty for sneaking a fingertip-full of toothpaste instead of actually BRUSHING your teeth? Embarrassed about letting the dog come in the house with dirty feet and just not caring? Well, don't be! Here are a few things I most certainly did NOT do this week:

First of all, I did NOT open the dishwasher and simply set my dishes inside, rather than loading it properly. I would never do such a thing because obviously I know that something like the would only create more work for me later!

I also did NOT go to the store and buy ingredients to make stir fry for dinner and then ditch that idea simply because I didn't feel like it and make macaroni and cheese and a fried egg instead! No way, I always stick to my menu plans and make sure that I have a very balanced (and normal sounding) meal.

And finally, there is NO way that I still have five (yes, FIVE) unopened bottles of sparkling cider sitting on my counter since Christmas. And I would never give these bottles of cider away to a coworker and then forget to take them to work day after day. Nope, not me!

What are some things that YOU have not done this week? Simply leave a comment and share!

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