Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear everyone

I wrote a letter to my dad in Australia last night and realized I should share some of my report with you!

Dad has been gone for about 5 weeks now which means he only has 3 left! I drive my mom to the airport on the 30th and she flies over to meet him for a vacation. They come home together on the 14th. Dad said he hasn't had much time for sightseeing because he works 6 days a week but he has seen a Tiger snake and a few kangaroos. He said the roos are a lot like deer here, they are headed for cover about the time he's headed out in the morning. The snake apparently swam across the river to where my dad and his crew were but then noticed them and swam back across. Tiger snakes are dangerous!

I got my Compassion packet in the mail yesterday and I'm so excited! Michael is 8 years old and is from the Philippines. I chose him in part because Jordan is 8 years old and his background is Filipino. You all can pray for Michael if you'd like. =) I'm so excited to write to him. My sister got her first letter last week from her sponsored child and it was SO special. I'm thrilled.

Steve and I have a meeting with a group of Jordan's teachers in a couple of weeks. I'm anxious to hear about his progress and how he's doing with reading, etc. He's recently been having some trouble with a particular bully kid at school but each time Steve and I mention talking to his teachers about it he tells us he's "going to give Chris one more chance." Chris is on chance 11 or 12 by now but at least Jordan is a forgiving kid.

Dorothy is fading fast. She had two REALLY bad days in the last week or so and they just suck her energy. She spends most of the following day sleeping. Her nurse leaves next week on a cruise and said she isn't sure if she will see Dorothy again since she will be gone for about three weeks. Even though I have been having some tough times lately I am determined to finish strong. As I told my dad last night, I have been working on taking some of my own advice lately. This advice is some that I gave to someone very special to me a couple of weeks ago. They told me that something was pushing their limits and I told them to "let God define those limits." I am trying hard to let God define my limits, especially when it comes to patience and attitude.

Yesterday I was able to participate in a meeting full of big wigs at work. It was a meeting in regards to electronic signature and I have somehow become the office guru on this. They asked me to come and do a little training session and answer some questions. My manager came to me today and told me that one of the things he really appreciates about me is my ability to sit in a room full of higher-ups and just be myself and present what I know on a topic. It was nice to be listened to and to be able to share my side of things. =)

More painting is in the works for this weekend! It's supposed to be nice so my hope is to open all the windows, turn up the music and paint my heart out!

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Your life is so complicated.